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The demand for Phuket Island Hotel is soaring, so it's all u(4)
On November 21, the Director-General of the Immigration Bureau of Thailand announced that the electronic landing sign (EVOA) application system in Thailand was officially launched. In the future, tourists from 21 countries and regions, including China and Taiwan, can apply for Thai landing visas online in advance. This policy has been implemented in Bangkok and Phuket.
The demand for Phuket Island Hotel is soaring, so it's all up to grab accommodation on this high-value island!
Since the implementation of the policy of exempting 21 countries and regions from landing visa fees for two months on November 15, the number of foreign tourists entering Thailand has increased by 20% as a whole. As a result of the surge in the number of foreign tourists entering Thailand, the airport is extremely congested, especially the number of people entering Phuket Island has increased significantly compared with the same period last year.
So, how did Puji, known as "Pearl Island of Thailand", attract tourists from all over the world?
Even breathing is enjoyment
An irresistible high-profile Island
As one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world, Phuket Island has become a world famous resort because of its broad and beautiful beaches, white and flawless sand grains, and green and emerald sea water.
Phuket Island is a paradise in southern Thailand and the largest island in Thailand. The warm water of Andaman surrounds it. Beautiful beaches, strange islands, stalactites and natural caves are all available. In addition, the coastal water is clear and blue, and the undersea world is beautiful. These rich natural conditions make Phuket Island a "tropical paradise".
The demand for Phuket Island Hotel is soaring, so it's all up to grab accommodation on this high-value island!
In the cold winter, why not hide in this beautiful island in Southeast Asia and listen to the natural voice under the warm sea breeze?
Phuket is most proud of more than 10 beautiful beaches along the Daman coast of Xi'an Island. These beaches have fine white sand, clear sea water and brilliant sunshine, while the beach is decorated with colorful umbrellas, where the light and shadow stagger.
Phuket has abundant beach types:
If you like lively and nightlife, choose Badong Beach.
If you like quiet, choose Kata Beach, you can surf;
If you like to be very quiet, choose Karen Beach, fewer people than Kata, the coastline is longer;
There is also a beach called Naihan Beach, which is basically locals and Europeans. The waves are bigger, the hotels around are few and expensive, but the conditions are very good.
The demand for Phuket Island Hotel is soaring, so it's all up to grab accommodation on this high-value island!
In Phuket, swimming, diving, water skiing, canoeing, windsurf board, banana boat... Colorful underwater and underwater sports will make you dance and have no time to rest.
Water, land and air transport run through
To carry global tourists
The developed tourism industry in Phuket is inseparable from its perfect transportation, and the three major modes of transportation in Phuket, namely, water, land and air, are unimpeded.
air traffic
There are many flights from other countries or other cities in Thailand to Phuket without worrying about travel. In addition to connecting flights from Bangkok to Phuket Island, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Europe, there are direct or connecting flights. Thai International Airlines has more than a dozen flights to and from Bangkok and Phuket every day, with a voyage of about 1 hour and 20 minutes. In addition, Songka, Sumei, Chiang Mai and other places also have regular flights to Phuket Island.