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Who is suitable for immigration to the United States?
Guide reading:Undoubtedly, the death of the father is the most serious consequence of the conflict of cultural values between the East and the West, but the police who killed him need not bear any legal responsibility, because they are legitimate. In Western socie
Twenty years ago, the sensational TV series Peking Man in New York said: If you love a person, send him to New York, because there is paradise; if you hate a person, send him to New York, because there is hell.
Indeed, the United States is a place where opportunities and challenges, light and darkness, strengths and weaknesses coexist.
On the one hand, there is no doubt that her food safety, air quality and education level are all reasons for immigration.
On the other hand, the proliferation of guns, public security chaos and ethnic splitting are also problems that the United States itself can not solve in the short term, and are likely to become more and more intense.
To emigrate overseas is to choose a way of life that is totally different from the current one. Whether it's "poor mountains and bad waters like liveliness" or "good mountains and good waters like loneliness", sometimes it's between your thoughts.
And what kind of people are suitable for immigrating to the United States? In my opinion, there are only the following points:
First, identify with American values.
What are the values? It is based on human's certain thinking senses to make cognitive, understanding, judgment or choice, that is, a kind of thinking or orientation for people to identify things and distinguish right and wrong, thus reflecting certain value or function of people, things and things; in class society, different classes have different values.
In a lean environment, fatter people will be discriminated against wherever they go; in a family where only earning money has the right to speak, the housewife will never be respected as she deserves; bullying heroes can not understand the love of others for their weakness, and Americans who regard family happiness as their first priority can not understand so many Chinese couples who live separately in order to make money - that's all. It's the difference of values.
What are the mainstream values of the United States? There are many things: democracy, independence, freedom, family first, equality, respect for other people's privacy...
Does value matter? Of course, it's important, and it's the most important.  He is the cornerstone of a person's foothold in a society. If you want to immigrate to the United States, you must be consistent with her mainstream values.
If we can not accept and adapt to the values of the United States, it will appear incompatible and even bring trouble to ourselves, and serious crimes will be imprisoned or even deported.
For example, the Chinese believe that their children are private property and that they have the right to educate and even scold them when they have him and support him.
Bulls should be beaten, horses should be whipped, children should not be beaten to heaven; filial piety comes from under the stick; strict teachers should be disciples; no beating can not be a weapon... Since ancient times, there have been quite a few proverbs in this field in China.
Regardless of whether these statements are correct or not, just don't practice and apply them in the United States.
The film "Scraping" describes the conflicts between the ways parents treat their children under the Chinese and Western cultural backgrounds.
The parents in the movie are not really corporal punishment and hurting their children, so the end is happy.
In reality, because parents are suspected of beating their children, not a few of them are arrested and deprived of the right to support, many of them are Chinese.
Jiang Meiling, a deceased Chinese, was suspected of child abuse, resulting in her four-year-old daughter being temporarily fostered by a Jewish family by the government, but did not want the family to make a long-term adoption request. This led to a four-year war for women, which lasted until the death of Jiang Meiling's cancer. More tragically, the father of the child who settled in Florida had no choice but to give up the fight. The Fuzhou girl would have to grow up in a Jewish family.
From the point of view of our Chinese people, Jiang Meiling was just holding chopsticks to "frighten" her daughter. It was nothing serious at all. It was really unjust. But there's no way. In America, it's illegal.
Americans'protection of children is infinite. They even have the spirit of "killing one thousand by mistake rather than letting one go".
Another similar incident is that of Chinese:
A single Chinese-American father raises his daughter alone, and the father who brought up his daughter painstakingly does everything for her, while the father who helped her bathe as a child, even when her daughter was 10 years old, still does.
But one day at school, the daughter was asked by the teacher who helped you take a bath at home. The little girl answered "Dad". So the school alarmed, the local child welfare bureau intervened, and finally the court ruled that the 10-year-old girl could not live with her father and would take her to a foster home.
But the father firmly opposed, vowing to die to keep his daughter by his side. When police and children's Bureau staff came to take their daughter away forcibly, the Chinese-American father picked up a kitchen knife from the kitchen, blocked the door and waved it. For the sake of their own safety and the girl's safety, the police officer took out a gun and shot the Chinese-American father.
According to American law, when a child reaches the age of 6 or 7, parents can't help children of the opposite sex to take a bath. For example, a girl should be assisted by her mother, and a boy should be assisted by his father. Otherwise, it will cause trouble. This is also a protection for children from sexual abuse.
Undoubtedly, the death of the father is the most serious consequence of the conflict of cultural values between the East and the West, but the police who killed him need not bear any legal responsibility, because they are legitimate.
In Western society, especially in Christian culture, children come to the world through you, but not because of you. A child is an independent individual. You have an obligation to raise him, but you can't hurt him in any way.