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Last News of Lao Zhou of the People's Congress: Say goodbye(4)
Recently, Professor Zhou Xiaozheng of Renmin University has become very popular on the internet. This time, not because of his bold words, but because he sold his house in Beijing, held a simple farewell party, left his great motherland and settled in the United States.
In the past two years, the topic of going to North America has attracted great attention. The distant ones are Simanan, Yin Xiumei, Ni Ping, Yao Ming's daughter, Dong Qing's son, and the recent ones are Jia Accountant, Sun Hongbin and Qiao Mu. For speculators, anti-U.S. is work and going to the United States is life; for fraudsters, harvesting enough leek in China and enjoying leisure in North America are the two choices; for some honest and outspoken intellectuals, when the storm comes, going abroad and going to the ocean may be the best choice to escape the storm and protect themselves wisely. Zhou Xiaozheng and arbor should It belongs to this category.
Reading can be wise. At this moment, I recall the life and death decision-making of intellectuals in the late 1940s. Hu Shi, Fu Sinian and other people are far-sighted and bright-sighted. They do not believe in the future and choose to go to overseas islands. The result is a good end. Lao She, Fu Lei, Tian Han, Toyo Zikai and Xiong Shili are confused by the illusion in front of them and choose to believe in the end. As a result, it is said that there are 155 such national treasure masters, and most of the surviving intellectuals, like Guo Moruo, have lost their integrity and dignity, and only their lives.