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What is a state guarantee and how to get it quickly?
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Xintong has published a large number of successful cases of customers obtaining Australian guarantees. Many investors who first contact with Australian immigrants often wonder what the state guarantees are. If you want to apply for Australian immigration, which state guarantee information do you need to know?
Today, let's say, what is the Australian Guarantee?
The application of Australian immigrants is divided into two parts: state and federal governments. State guarantees are also called invitation letters. Before applying for an Australian immigrant visa, a state intending to apply for a business plan is required to submit a business plan, promising to invest in the state. If the business plan is approved, the state government will issue invitation letters to applicants, i.e. state guarantees.
Obtaining state guarantees means locking in an immigration quota in the state, then submitting immigration application materials to the federal government for review and approval, and then completing the corresponding investment as promised in the business plan.
That is to say, state guarantees are the first step in an immigration application. Obtaining state guarantees means locking in the state's immigration quota.
As the amount of guaranteed investment varies from state to state, the following table shows the investment requirements of each state in 188A, which mainly deals with small businesses.
So what is the current immigration situation in Australia? Are the guarantees available?
During the Spring Festival, which was a happy time for the Chinese family, Australia gave immigrant applicants a "head start". Kunzhou chose to close the application channels for commercial and technical immigrants, and reopen it is expected to open in the New Fiscal Year on July 1, 2019. It also means that there is one fewer state to apply for state guarantees.
Australian Immigration Policy 2019
In fact, in the past two years, with the increasing popularity of Australia and the flock of applicants, the Australian investment immigration visa application channels have been repeating the cycle of closing, opening and closing, which is largely due to the insufficient immigration quota.
A brief review of Australia's closure:
January 2018: South Australia quota exhausted, suspension of 132, 188 types of applications
May 2018: Kunzhou quota exhausted, suspension of 132, 188 types of applications
July 2018: South Australia requires 132 customers to inspect before submitting their applications.
December 2018: New State (Sydney) suspended applications
January 2019: Kunzhou suspends its application again
January 2019: Application for suspension in Virginia (Melbourne)
February 8, 2019: Kunzhou's quota for fiscal year 2018 is exhausted and closed
Although other states have opened their doors one after another, only Kunzhou is now closed, but from this period of time, 2019 will also be a very tight year for Australian immigration quotas. How to solve this problem under the limited quota situation, the government may start from the following three points:
1. Selecting Investors
At present, it is unknown whether the government will pass a conditional screening among a large number of applicants and distribute them to better investors in the face of further Tight quotas in order to obtain state guarantees. Previously, 188A applications in Western Australia had this trend.
This also means that, in accordance with this trend, the eligible applicants may be removed by the better-qualified competitors, PK, and lose their immigration qualifications.
2. Increase investment
As a traditional immigrant country, Australia has always adopted a welcoming attitude towards immigrants. Every time the government comes to Xintong, it also shows to our customers that every state adopts an open attitude towards investors. Only when quotas are limited and applicants are full, it may be possible to adjust the saturation of applications only by increasing the amount of investment.
3. Reduce the age of accompanying children
Although there is a quota of 190,000 immigrants per year, according to official Australian data, the number of people who get their status is far below that figure. In November 2016, the government announced the latest requirement that the age of accompanying children be limited to 23 years old. Before that, there was no clear requirement for the age of children. Only proof of their dependence on parents'funds was needed.
As the number of applicants continues to rise, the government may try to find ways to reduce the age of children. If the age of children is further lowered to 18 years old, a considerable number of children will not be able to immigrate to Australia with their parents. For many families who choose to immigrate because of their children's education problems, the overall plan will be disrupted.
At present, the situation of Australian immigrants is extremely urgent, and the competition for quotas is becoming increasingly fierce. How to get state guarantees to lock quotas under the existing policies, how to immigrate quickly to Australia, and what unknown internal information about Australian immigrants in 2019?
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