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[Suddenly] Australian immigrants are now changing dramatical
Guide reading:For many applicants who are hesitant to return from the investigation, today's thrill has shown that immigrants to Australia must not wait until the coup raises the application threshold and find that they can not meet the conditions before regretting
Yesterday, we just released the news of the temporary closure of Kunzhou. This afternoon, when the Visa Commissioner submitted the 188A application for South Australia to his clients, he found that he could not submit it the application successfully. At first, he thought it was a network problem. After many attempts, he still could not succeed. Xintong's Australian Visa Team was alert immediately. Is South Australia closed?
Later confirmed: South Australia 188A temporarily closed the application channel due to the excessive number of applicants!
This is a bolt from the blue for our visa team. You know, there are still a large number of customers who have visited and queued up for submission. Once closed, it will affect the original planning of many families.
In a hurry, we urgently submitted the 132 South Australia project. At the beginning, it was just as unsuccessful as the 188A project. Everyone was as anxious as ants in a pan.
According to industry news, Australia's quota will be particularly tight this year, coupled with the general election, the Federation may introduce more stringent commercial immigration policy. Among them, the most advantageous step is to take the 132 project of permanent residence green card. In the future, it is very likely to become a temporary green card first, and then the form of permanent residence.
However, we did not receive the news of the closure of South Australia 132. The "one-track" visa Commissioner still persisted in submitting the visa. Finally, after many failures, lucky customers succeeded! At the same time, the consulting team urgently contacted the customers waiting for submission to inform them of the urgent situation, and suggested that the quota should be locked up as soon as possible.
Finally, through our persistent efforts to help a group of customers successfully submit!
Submission of Australian Immigration Materials
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As we grabbed the quota for South Australia's 132 projects, we were informed that Victoria (Melbourne) had chosen to temporarily close the application due to the shortage of the quota, and the reopening time had not yet been determined.
_VIZHOU issues suspension news
The applicant lost another state that could be submitted. This means that new states (Sydney), Kunzhou and Victoria have closed their immigration application channels. South Australia 188A project has been temporarily closed, with only a small quota of 132 in South Australia, and West Australia may be the target of competition.
And we also know from immigration officers that even in Western Australia, there has been a quota problem, and the closure is sooner or later.
Many people wonder why Australian immigration quotas have become so tight in recent two years.
Australian immigration quota is tight
The reasons are as follows:
1. Be sufficiently attractive
From the perspective of immigration policies of major mainstream countries in the world, Australia's attractiveness is determined by its relatively short processing cycle, relatively small amount of investment, short investment cycle and high green card security. In addition, Australia's economic and social stability, superior environment and quality of education have also become the preferred country for many immigrants.
2. The Force of Other Traditional Migrant Powers
Look at the immigration situation in these big countries: the scheduling problem of EB-5 investment immigrants in the United States is extremely scarce, and the investment quota in Canada is rising. Take Quebec province of Maple Leaf Card as an example, this year, the quota has been reduced from 1330 to 1235, while the demand for household assets has risen from 1.2 million to 2 million Canadian dollars, and the one-time payment has risen from 220,000 to 350,000 Canadian dollars. Even so, the quota is opened. The door is the rhythm of second light.
New Zealand's investment in the second category has doubled from 1.5 million to NZ 3 million; Hong Kong's investment immigrants have already closed in 2015; the threshold for Britain, Singapore and other countries is too high to climb. All this has forced immigrant applicants to rush to Australia, where they are "applying for depressions".
3. Increasing demand for immigrants in China
On the one hand, migrant countries around the world "chase and intercept", on the other hand, from the domestic point of view, whether from children's education, global asset allocation or the pursuit of a better living environment, the demand for migrants is growing geometrically every year.
According to the 2007 White Paper on Investment Immigration published by Hurun Research Institute, 62% of high net worth people choose to send their children abroad before their children go to high school, which also shows that the trend of low-age immigration of children of high-end groups in China is becoming more and more obvious.
To sum up, the demand for immigrants is booming, while the door of other big countries is half closed, only Australia is contested. In addition, in 2019, Australia's general election year, also known as the year of great coup in the industry, for immigrants with clear objectives in Australia, it is a very short-lived moment. Earlier seizure of quotas will directly determine the future development of families and children.
For many applicants who are hesitant to return from the investigation, today's thrill has shown that immigrants to Australia must not wait until the coup raises the application threshold and find that they can not meet the conditions before regretting!