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How many Canadians welcome immigrants? 76% think new immigra(4)
What do Canadians think of immigrants? According to the latest poll, 58% of the 2,000 Canadians do not think Canada accepts too many immigrants, a slight drop from 60% in February, and 35% think Canada accepts too many immigrants, the same as the last poll. 7% had no obvious opinion on this issue, up 2% from the last poll. That is to say, nearly half of Canadians have a positive attitude towards immigration.
The poll also showed that 76% of respondents believed that immigration played a positive role in the national economy, down slightly from 80% in the last poll, 18% were negative about this view, up slightly from 16% in the last poll, 45% believed that immigration made Canada better, and only 17% opposed it.
Although Canadians do not have a unified view on the impact of immigration on the country as a whole, most views are positive, and this result has remained stable over the past seven years.
Canadians have different opinions on whether to accept Canadian values. 52% thought that too many immigrants did not accept Canadian values, and 41% disagreed. Nevertheless, the proportion of candidates fearing naturalization is lower than most of the past 25 years, the report said.
On the issue of whether immigrants should learn and accept Canadian values, both native-born and foreign-born Canadians hold similar views. They believe that immigrants should first respect Canadian history and culture, and secondly learn English or French well, learn to tolerate each other and respect the rule of law.
In addition, Canadians are most concerned about the economy, environment and health care, followed by immigration. According to the report, the majority of different regions and ethnic groups in the country do not believe that immigration and refugee problems constitute a national problem.
How many Canadians welcome immigrants? 76% think new immigrants are helpful to the economy
Regionally, 63% of the respondents in BC Province were negative about whether Canada accepted too many immigrants, and 60% and 70% of the people under 45 and those with university degrees were negative about this idea, respectively. That is to say, the younger and more educated people are, the more they think that immigration is beneficial to the national economy.
The poll also shows that the negative attitude towards immigration is the most obvious among residents in Asia. 42% think that the government accepts too many immigrants and 64% don't think that immigration is beneficial to the national economy. The survey also found that many Liberal supporters supported the existing immigration policy of the Trudeau government. The Conservative Party and the newly formed right-wing People's Party are mostly against the government's existing immigration policy.