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Single Mother: 10 years of immigration to the United States,
Guide reading:More and more friends, I am busier and busier, and my daughter has grown up, and I am beginning to feel relieved to "raise" like Americans. Now I love to study delicacies, Zuo Zongtang chicken, Fruit Tower biscuits, butter cake...
Ten years ago, I immigrated to the United States.
That night, when I landed at Tacoma International Airport in Seattle alone with my children, we looked at each other and said, "Mom, where are we going now?"
"Go to your new home." I said, but I thought, "We're going to drift in America now."
When my daughter was 8 years old, I divorced! The reason for divorce, like many families, is that elders interfere too much and have different opinions about children's education. Whether it's a dead heart or a new beginning, I began to learn to listen to my inner voice and let it play an important role in every decision-making process.
That summer, when my daughter came back from a summer camp abroad, her daughter, who had been affected by her parents'marriage, became depressed and unhappy, suddenly became lively and cheerful.  I saw my daughter's smiling face jumping off the airport bus and said "It's so good" involuntarily. Now I still remember it vividly.
The daughter who regained her smile spoke of the blue sky in the United States and her little companion in the United States, and that kind of happiness came into being spontaneously. All along, in my heart, the concept of homeland is not serious, I feel at ease is home, I and my daughter together is home, whether in the United States or in China.
Free education, free choice of life, free wandering, this desire for freedom once again strikes me. The next day, I went to Xintong immigrants to consult about immigration to the United States. I made a decisive decision. I quickly picked up the investment project, prepared the money, and waited until the green card was approved.
Before landing, we went to the United States several times, visited Xintong, helped me find a rental house for transition in advance, contacted my daughter's school, so that my daughter and I went to the United States, where there are places to live and read, and I slowly looked at the house to buy a house and find some suitable jobs.
When I came to the United States, I did nothing but buy a house I wanted. For two years, there was no social circle, no job hunting, eating the old books... Life is boring, buy things, go to Wal-Mart; eat, go to subway; buy household appliances, go to Bestbuy; buy clothes, go to GAP; buy shoes, go to Nike... The center of gravity is to circle the child every day.
My next-door neighbour is also a divorced woman. The way of raising a child is very relaxed and busy with her work. A couple of sons play by the lake themselves, fall off the toy bridge, climb up and continue to play. Rain children go out to play and make their clothes and pants all wet. Children go to the river to play Kayak without looking. She herself can go out to a restaurant every day to have a drink, chat with friends, and have her own free life. My life in America is like the bottom floor.
So I began to change, and I began to rework my old job as a translator.  In the United States, the competition for translation is so great that almost a lot of people can speak at least one language other than English. Fortunately, I worked hard for half a year to become a freelance translator, providing translation for biotechnology companies and others. In the United States, some of the more difficult language interpreters can easily get six-figure annual salary, I translate Chinese, as a hobby, income is almost well-off.
But the important thing is that I have made some friends.
In 2012, I participated in the Spring Festival reunion with the Chinese people I met at work. This is the first time that I have been in a foreign country and felt a lively feeling.
Talking with Chinese friends, their impression of the United States, the United States in the movies, the night city everywhere, their dreams and fighting spirit. However, I have lived in the United States for many years, with many friends, today's life is still lonely and peaceful. However, under the lonely appearance, the heart is not empty. I do my favorite work, chat with my favorite friends over tea, and entertain Chinese friends traveling to the United States. Although I used to be a bit bitter, but now I am really enriched.
More and more friends, I am busier and busier, and my daughter has grown up, and I am beginning to feel relieved to "raise" like Americans. Now I love to study delicacies, Zuo Zongtang chicken, Fruit Tower biscuits, butter cake...