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Global migration projects are shut down one by one. Only it(3)
Canadian projects have been shut down, Australian immigration coups continue, EB5 is still in schedule, and the threshold for old immigrant countries is getting higher and higher... However, in this global migration policy tighter and tighter environment, only this immigration project, quietly fire up! It's the EB1A American emigrant of outstanding talent!
The number of knowledge elites has increased dramatically, and EB1A has become more and more popular.
Earlier, Chinese immigrants were mainly wealthy elites. At that time, most of Xintong's customers tended to realize the American Dream through EB5 American investment immigration. However, EB5's market performance has declined in recent years due to scheduling and political upheaval.
When EB5 "declined", the number of knowledge elites in China increased dramatically. As it happens, the competition for talents is a never-ending war in the world today. Many countries have taken immigration policy as the most basic means to attract top talents. The United States is one of them.
One of the typical examples is the emigration of outstanding talents from the United States to EB1A. As long as you have outstanding achievements and contributions in your professional field, regardless of your educational background, and without employer's guarantee, you and your family can get the American Green Card quickly and step by step.
In the fields of art, science, education, commerce and sports, the backbone and talents in every field are ideal applicants for EB1A.
EB1A first scheduled, still "win fast"
A few years ago, EB5 American investment immigrants were still a way to get green cards quickly, but with the emergence of EB5 scheduling, applicants had to queue up in turn, and the word "fast" has become a luxury for the current EB5.
At this time, some people overtook in the EB1A curve to get the US green card cheaper and faster. EB1A only takes 10-14 months. If we choose the accelerated trial channel, we can know the result of the application within 15 days.
Although EB1A was scheduled for the first time in 2018, compared with EB5's monthly priority date, EB1A's latest two schedules advanced three and three and a half months in one breath, so EB1A is still the quicker way to immigrate to the United States.
In addition to celebrities, more ordinary people can immigrate to the United States through EB1A!
EB1A's application frontier has been widening, with Mrs. Trump and the champion of e-sports... Nowadays, customers who handle EB1A through Xintong come from a wider range of fields.
Last year, a new computer expert, Ms. C, wanted to immigrate to the United States.
Ms. C holds a master's degree from a 985 University in China and is one of the senior members of an association in the industry. Ms. C has published more than 20 papers in professional journals and has a patent. Five academic experts in the industry jointly provided recommendations.
Xintong focuses on in-depth analysis of its invention patents in order to demonstrate its significant contribution to the industry and commercial value. With sufficient and sufficient arguments, Ms. C was finally approved successfully.