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Overseas investment returns of 122%. How do these two bosses
Guide reading:2.155 Visa has expired or is about to expire. The applicant wants to enter Australia after the visa expires. From the early to the late stage of the complete service, to help customers lay out each step, smoothly carry out new life and career, which
Over the past two years, many people have been talking about the bad environment of the development of the real estate market. What to invest and where to invest have become a topic of concern to many people.
Today, we want to share with you the investment experiences of two entrepreneur fathers.
Y and J are both from Zhejiang Province. Both of them have come to us for consultation. The difference is that Y always wants to deal with immigration, hoping to make children feel at ease to study in Australia, while J always wanted to go to Australia for real estate development out of the prediction of overseas investment environment at that time.
With the help of Xintong, the two returnees successfully obtained 132 signatures from Australia and landed in Australia for investment.
General Y and J chose the state guarantees of Western Australia at that time. General Y himself liked Perth's living environment very much. In fulfilling the investment requirements, our Australian follow-up team, after rigorous inspection and careful checks, recommended a commercial real estate project in Perth. In 2011, the total investment of Y was A$1 million; in 2013, J entered the project with A$1.5 million.
During the three-year period of project operation, the two investors can enjoy more than 10% of the rental return annually. Recently, the project has been successfully acquired with a total investment return of 122%.
Details of investment projects
Overview of the project:
The project is a community shopping mall with a total area of 6,950, 13 kilometers from the center of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. The project consists of 14 shops, including 13 stores and an Aldi supermarket, with 140 parking spaces. Beyond the community shopping mall, two more plots of land have been built for children's nursery and gym sales.
Investment Form: Equity Investment
Investment cycle: about 7 years
Opening date: August 2016
Property sales: February 2019
Land area: 13,672
Project value: 16.3 million
During the investment period, our Australian Follow-up Commissioner helped two clients successfully pass the investment audit of Australian 132 visa. Y found new opportunities for Sino-Australian trade during the period. Through our purchase of two containers of red wine, it soon sold out in China.
During the period of Y and J total investment and in the process of submitting investment audit, we also helped a large number of customers to successfully pass the investment audit and get the approval letter.
In addition to these investments and business success, after immigration, although the focus of their careers is still at home, business management has not been affected, but life is very different from before.
Mr. Y gave birth to a second child in Australia, because the child was born in Australia, with an Australian passport, and was able to enjoy perfect welfare treatment from birth. Mr. J's daughter was successfully admitted by Royal Melbourne Polytechnic University, a well-known Australian university, as a green card. The child himself expressed his preference for Australia's living environment and intended to stay in Melbourne after graduation.
Due to the considerable return on investment, Y is actively planning to invest in new projects recommended by Xintong. We also look forward to the future, he will have better return on investment!
In fact, among the large number of clients we have contacted, a considerable part of the hesitation about immigration is to consider the issue of follow-up investment:
What should I invest in? How to successfully complete the investment?
For Xintong's customers, because we have a perfect follow-up team, from pre-visa processing to follow-up services can achieve seamless convergence, especially our follow-up part in Australia, from pick-up to home ownership, investment choice, business establishment, tax returns in Australia, we will have a full-time follow-up guidance to help new immigrants smoothly integrate into the local environment at the same time. We also recommend compliance projects for investment projects.
Throughout the investment process, we will advise customers at different nodes, retain key materials, and help 132 customers to pass the official audit. In addition, we can provide thoughtful and meticulous services such as customer visa processing, reunion visa, travel plan, etc.
At the same time, for those customers who can not meet the residence requirements, we will also help them apply for a 155 visa to continue their identity.
Polular science:
What exactly is an Australian 155 visa?
The 155 visa is a permanent residence visa that facilitates the return journey of Australian permanent residents. When a permanent resident holds an original visa that has expired or is about to expire and has left or plans to leave Australia, he or she needs to apply for the visa in order to ensure his or her smooth return to Australia.
Under what circumstances do you need to apply for a 155 visa?
1.132 or 888 visas expire in the first five years or are about to expire. The applicant wants to return to Australia after the visa expires.
2.155 Visa has expired or is about to expire. The applicant wants to enter Australia after the visa expires.
From the early to the late stage of the complete service, to help customers lay out each step, smoothly carry out new life and career, which is also our confidence that in the follow-up of immigration, the new pass will enable customers to achieve a full range of worry-free spirit.