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How to select intermediary companies for Australian immigran(4)
How is life after immigration?
This is probably a topic of concern to many people. Can Chinese immigrants adapt to local life, from their hometown to a strange country?
Tao immigrated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in 2008. After a short period of maladjustment, he and his family began to live in a foreign country. During this period, the business scale broke the previous restrictions, extended to China and Australia, and eventually settled in Melbourne. After that, the children graduated from Melbourne University and entered the world's top 500 companies.
He said that all of these can not be separated from the support of Xintong along the way!
Over the years, Xintong has witnessed the overseas development of countless Chinese families. As a bridge linking applicants with overseas destination countries, we have always maintained our awe for professionals, truly accompanied for many years, and become a loyal partner of Chinese families to go overseas.
Chinese Promoters of Australian Immigrants
In 2001, Xintong began to enter the field of immigration. It was the first company in China to obtain entry-exit qualification (No. 001), and it was also the first company to operate Australian immigrants. The first Australian 132 visa (formerly called 127) was born in Xintong.
Over the years, we have witnessed constant changes in Australian immigration policy, with 163 and 164 replaced, and scores appearing. Senior management immigrants are no longer officially welcomed, but are active promoters of 132 categories in China.
At that time, many domestic intermediaries did not have a deep understanding of this category and were unable to operate, which led to a large number of applicants who could obtain Australian permanent green card directly by this category, and took many detours. Most of the new applicants got their green cards earlier than the official announced trial cycle.
It can be said that in the field of Australian investment and immigration, Xintong is a full-fledged expert and has accumulated a wealth of operational experience. Therefore, we have also been highly recognized by the Australian state officials. Official visits to China and Xintong are all places to be visited.
In the past June and July alone, three immigration officers came to Xintong to pay a visit. All of them highly acknowledged and thanked us for our contributions in the field of Australian immigration.